HOA Membership

HOA Information

Parkway Village consists of three distinct geographic sections and has three Homeowners Associations, each with different Membership depending on where your property is geographically located. Your property Membership may be in more than one Homeowners Association. Membership is Mandatory with Dues paid to one or more of the Homeowners Associations. The three geographic sections are described below:

Section 1 - All Homes on the south side of Timberglen Road and east of Voss Road. All Homes south of Timberglen Road on Vista Del Sol.  [Section 1 Membership is in the Parkway Village Master Homeowners Association only.i

Section 2 - All Homes on the north side of Timberglen Road; on the east side of Voss Road; on North Capistrano Drive; on Sausalito Drive; on Laguna Drive; on South Capistrano Drive and on North Vista Del Sol. [Section 2 Membership is in the Parkway Village Master Homeowners Association  AND the Casitas & Chalets Homeowners Association]

Section 3 - All Condominiums. [Section 3 Membership is in the Parkway Village Master Homeowners Association  AND the Villas Condominium Association]

The Villas Condominium Association maintains a separate WEB SITE with information for its Membership.

In general, the responsibilities of the three HOA's differ as follows:

Parkway Village Master Homeowners Association is responsible for the Common Grounds and Facilities which includes the Clubhouse, Exercise Room and Tennis Courts. All Members have the use of the Common Facilities.

Casitas & Chalets Homeowners Association is responsible for front yard grounds keeping maintenance for Members.

Villas Condominium Association is responsible for exterior maintenance of the condominiums and grounds keeping maintenance along with water, sewer and trash removal for condominium owners.



Property Standards

From time to time, the Architectural Committee team will review each property to determine if any updates are necessary.  If a property does require attention, a Courtesy Notice will be sent out to start the process.  As part of the bylaws/covenants, the homeowner is required to provide a written response to the letter within 10 days of receipt.

The response should acknowledge receipt of the Courtesy Notice and should document the intended plan of action and time frame for making any updates.  We understand that budgets, contractor availability and personal situations may guide timing on updates.

For general questions, contractor information or to file a WRITTEN RESPONSE, you may email the Architectural Committee at AC@parkwayvillagehoa.com.

Map of Parkway Village

Map of Parkway Village

Current Board of Directors

Doug Galbraith


 Doug Galbraith
President, Parkway Village Master and Casitas & Chalets Homeowner's Associations

Serves on Architectural Committee

Doug Galbraith purchased his house at Parkway Village in 1989.  Doug is a Licensed Architect and earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Oklahoma.  He has served as the past President of the Master HOA board and has also served on the Casitas & Chalets board in our community for many years.  Doug's experience on both boards and his long-time residence at Parkway Village provides the current board with a valuable historical perspective, and his architecture background is a great asset for planning community improvements.  Doug currently works for MPI Architects. 

Doug Rankin


 Doug Rankin
Vice President & Chairman of The Board of Directors, Parkway Village Master Homeowner's Association


Doug Rankin is a retired business owner and executive with extensive experience in wholesale distribution and supply management in industries ranging from hospital supply to commercial construction and industrial coatings. A condominium owner with his sister-in-law since 2009, you will find Doug at the pool whenever weather permits getting his exercise and visiting with others in the community. 

Kristin Smith


 Kristin Smith
Secretary, Parkway Village Master Homeowner's Association

 and Vice President, Casitas & Chalets  Homeowner's Association

 Serves on Architectural Committee

Kristin Smith has lived in Parkway Village  for eight years and loves it here. She is retired and now directs her passion to painting in Acrylic and Mixed Media.

Philip Hughes


 Philip Hughes
Treasurer, Parkway Village Master and Casitas & Chalets Homeowner's Associations

 Serves on Architectural Committee

Phil Hughes purchased his home in 1989 after relocating from Alaska and has lived there for all but five years spent working and living overseas.  He was graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in engineering and has spent most of his career in the oil and gas industry.  He and his wife are retired and both are involved in various charity efforts. 

Rachel Ring


Rachel Ring

Member at Large, Parkway Village Master Homeowner's Association

and Secretary, Casitas & Chalets Homeowner's Association

 Dr. Rachel D. Ring is originally from South Dakota where she grew up on a cattle ranch.  She attended college in Manhattan, Kansas and received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Kansas State University in 1993. After an internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at North Carolina State University, she entered a residency in Veterinary Ophthalmology at the University of Tennessee, which she completed in 1997.  Following completion of her residency she was the staff ophthalmologist at Rowley Memorial Hospital in Springfield, Massachusetts for 3 years before moving to Texas to join the Animal Ophthalmology Clinic in Dallas.  She is the mother to identical twin boys and many of the four legged variety.  They happily moved to Parkway Village in 2015 after falling in love with the community several years previously and haven't regretted it for a second. 

Deana Shew


 Deana Shew
Member at Large, Casitas & Chalets Homeowner's Association 

Deana Shew, a retired CPA, has lived in the community for 23 years. She has served on the Board of Directors 3 times.

Property Management

The grounds and common areas at Parkway Village are managed by Linda Schilz at Linsch Management.

Linda is both a long time resident and homeowner in Parkway Village. She is currently a licensed broker in the states of Texas and Oklahoma, and has been in real estate and property management for many years.

In addition to managing our property, Linda maintains the financial records for our Home Owners Associations; Collects our Homeowner Dues and is the primary point of contact for all things related to maintaining and managing any issues in our community.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 701805, Dallas, TX 75370

Phone: 972-732-1589

E-mail:  linschmanagement@sbcglobal.net