Parkway Village
Master Homeowners Association
Architecture Committee

Below are the details of the Architecture Committee required by the HOA covenants and bylaws.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Architecture Committee:

  • Receives Change Requests - (Chairperson)
  • Replaces resigned committee members - (Chairperson)
  • Reviews written Change Requests with committee.
  • Inspects and researches requested change to determine if it is within neighborhood standards.
  • Chairperson attends Board Meetings to provide status and updates on changes processed.
  • Ensures that homeowners property is kept up to standards.
  • Identifies updates that need to be made to individual homeowner properties.
  • Notifies homeowner if updates are needed.
  • Makes recommendations as to changes and/or available contractors to perform work if homeowner wishes.
  • Reports to Board on status and updates.
  • Contact HOA Board Member if you are unable to fulfill your duties.

If you wish to make a modification to the exterior of your home (new paint, major landscape, etc.), you will need to obtain approval from the Architectural Committee.  An online form is provided below.  Once filled out, click submit and it will automatically be sent to the Architectural Committee for review.  Or, you may download the change request form from the Documents and Forms section, fill it out, and e-mail it to




Parkway Village Architecture Change Request

Click Edit Form to add form elements. You can enter a form description and instructions here.

Home Phone:
Brief Description of Proposed Change:
City Permit Required?  Yes  No
  I certify that all materials submitted in this application are true and correct. I understand and agree that no work may be performed prior to or in deviation from the terms of a written approval letter submitted by the Architecture Committee. I agree to be bound by the Architecture Committee rules and standards. I acknowledge that my Parkway Village HOA dues account is current.

If you have questions on what types of changes need approval or questions about the colors or bylaw requirements, you may email them to